Health Coaching


The primary focus of a health coach is to help individuals create action orientated goals that relate to a healthier lifestyle.

Emphasis is placed on behavioral change, personal accountability and education.
Health Coaching can help individuals:

  • Strengthen health literacy by identifying gaps in knowledge and skills that may be needed to gain control of a health condition.
  • Identify self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that contribute to feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘like a failure’
  • Gain clarity about obstacles to change and create reasonable strategies for action.
  • Feel in control by becoming an active rather than passive participant in their healthcare.

Each of us has one life. Is it the life you want?

3 month and 6 month Health Coaching Packages available, contact us for details.

Change is hard – let us help you make your health a priority.


The big benefit of this process was the holistic approach to well-being (exercise, food and psychological aspect). A success in one area triggered quickly a success in another area… and I was in a virtuous circle!  Vicki was great at celebrating success and helping me setting up realistic and measurable monthly goals. She set the right pace (pushed me when I was reluctant and refrained me when I was too ambitious). I quickly understood I was in a secure environment and was able to let go of some barriers; this ability to open up enabled me to make the best of this coaching.                                   Elisabeth, Cambridge