In this current culture, it is far easier to accumulate belongings than it is to purge.

A study in the Journal of Neuroscience reported that clutter overloads your visual cortex and interferes with your brains ability to process information. Another study found it may even affect your ability to make healthy food choices. Those in neat environments were twice as likely to snack on an apple over a chocolate bar.

New Wardrobe Workout Package – Is your wardrobe a full up disorganized mess? Have you got 3 sizes of clothes in there and still hoping to fit into the smallest ones, even though they’ve been hanging around for years? Do you really know what suits you?

Wardrobe workout will help you sort out and organize your wardrobe. Helping you live in the now with the clothes that fit and look good on you. Getting rid of the energy sapping clothes that cause mess and frustration.

Declutter your mind and declutter your home. Clear out the junk and you’ll clear out the thought patterns and behavior that prevents you from living the life you want.

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“Boy, did I have Room2Improve.  Working full time and raising two young kids, I was overwhelmed by everything and accomplished very little.  Vicki’s expertise and vision showed me there was a better way, an easier way to manage my home.  I’ve taken the concepts she shared and applied them to other areas of my house and my life.  I am so grateful for the lack of clutter I see and feel.” – D.F. Newton, MA

“When we moved into our new house, we threw all of our boxes of papers and miscellaneous possessions in one room. It seemed so overwhelming to go through everything so we kept putting it off. Vicki gave us the motivation to go through all of our boxes. As we sorted through old bills and papers, she gave us advice on what to recycle, shred or file. After all of our boxes were empty, Vicki gave us a system to sort our daily mail so we could avoid our typical pile-up in the kitchen. We can now enjoy our new office and have a great system in place to move forward!” J.R. Waban, MA