If you have a New Year’s Resolution it is something that you want to happen – an outcome, (e.g. I want to lose 10 pounds or I want to get fit) but do you know what you need to do to get there – the behaviour? Without the behavioural piece you are not likely to be successful.

Studies have shown that most people who make resolutions do not achieve them on their first attempt and for those that do they do not sustain them.

To have success you need to have:

A clear vision – what health promoting behaviours do you want to do consistently. You need to think about what you will look and feel like with this ideal level of wellness and what makes this vision really important to you and why do you want to reach it?

Set behavioural goals  and think about what strengths and prior successes you can use to reach your vision. You are trying to change certain behaviours that you have been doing for years. You can do it but you want to set yourself up for success by doing it in the right way.

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