The hardest moment is at the start – but I can’t get started you say!

If you can’t get started – you’re just jumping too far ahead and you need some guidance.

Starting means initiating action. Starting means committing to a choice of some kind or another.

Starting will often feel like resistance at first. Give it time, push through, you can do it.

In order for a rocket to leave the earth, it has to fire extra-hard against gravity. It needs a boost.

In order for a heavy train to get moving, it might need an extra engine.

We can start and stay moving on our own, but it sure helps when someone (like a coach) gives us a push or a pull.

Someone else can also call us on our procrastination and perfection. On our information-cruising and waffling. They can snap us out of our all-or-nothing trance with a gentle nudge and reminder.

If you are constantly saddled with “waiting for the perfect time” try these tips:

  • Revise your expectations – recognize that there is no perfect time and never will be
  • Carve out time – nobody will give that time to you, you need to take it
  • Just start – find the smallest possible thing you can do right now
  • You only have to get through this moment –this moment of starting will be the hardest – luckily it won’t last long
  • Expect resistance – it’s normal. Push through it. Resistance doesn’t mean this won’t work, it means you’ve started.
  • Get support – find someone to fire up your booster rockets until you can fly on your own